Friday, June 16, 2006

March 2006


In collaboration with the Denman Island Women's Outreach Society, this month's Community Vegan Potluck Series is pleased to welcome renowned environmental activist Ruth Masters, as our special guest speaker on Sunday, March 19th in the Back Hall.

In ongoing celebration of International Women's Day, the participatory theme for this special event is Women and Nature (and yes, all genders are invited to attend!) On display will be work in any media created by local women artists that reflect this theme, so plan to come early before our 6:30 pm smorgasbord to thoroughly enjoy this very informal show! Photography, painting, ceramics, fabric art, you name it...if it's been made by you, or another Denman woman and reflects the natural world in any way, please consider it an appropriate contribution! If you are unable to attend the dinner but would still like to submit a piece, just call and we'll arrange to pick it up. Otherwise, please plan to arrive early (around 6:00pm) with your artwork.

Ruth Masters is a well loved Comox Valley elder who has been inspiring men and women concerned about ecological issues on Vancouver Island and beyond for decades. Awarded Courtenay Citizen of the Year for the second time in twenty years last year, she has been on the frontlines in every battle for greenspace and its wild inhabitants from MacDonald Woods in Comox, to the Walbran, Sitika, Strathcona, Clayoquot, Carmanah, Cathedral Grove- the list goes on! Inspite of numerous run-ins with authorites over the years, loggers, hunters and even the Supreme Court, the government saw fit to award Ruth with it's BC Environment Award in 2000. Please don't miss this wonderful opportunity to come on out and celebrate another remarkable heroine in our midst!

Note: Collectively this potluck ended up fundraising $100 on behalf of RAWA, the Revolutionary Afghani Women's Association providing underground education for girls in that country.

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