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Sunday, September 19th, 2010

Fall Equinox Community Potluck

You are invited to join in on a fabulous harvest feast at Denman’s annual Fall Equinox Community Vegan Potluck scheduled for Sunday, September 19th, 6:30 pm in the Back Hall. As always, food lovers of every persuasion welcome! Any 100% plant-based entrée, salad, dessert or single-item dish (free of eggs, dairy, honey and gelatin, please) that all may share is a suitable contribution. Please bring a list of ingredients along with your offering.

The now quarterly potluck series originated in 1996, and almost always includes an after dinner presentation concerning topical environmental and/or social justice issues. Anyone interested in marine ecology and dolphins in particular will appreciate our September 19th screening of The Cove.

Winner of the 2010 Oscar for ‘best feature documentary’, The Cove introduces us to Richard O’Barry, the man who once trained the various marine mammals named ‘Flipper’ for the popular 1960’s tv show. That series essentially spawned Sea World and countless other aquariums around the world where dolphins perform stunts and interact with human beings. O’Barry now spends his life trying to make it up to our cetacean friends, and is determined to help bring about the end of the secretive capture and slaughter of thousands of dolphins that takes place in Japan between Sept. and March each year.

According to movie critic Alonso Duralde, “The result is some of the most exciting filmmaking you’ll see this year —The Cove could very well change not only the face of nature documentaries but also laws, policy and attitudes toward the life and death of dolphins.“

Our dolphin-friendly potluck series is also designated ‘scent-free’ for inclusivity! Admission is by donation towards expenses (suggested $3 per person). For further information about The Cove, please visit http://www.takepart.com/thecove

The Cove PSA -My Friend Is... 2 min. version Directed by Andres Useche Produced by Fisher Stevens, Lina Esco, Chris Gartin from Andres Useche on Vimeo.

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