Monday, June 18, 2012

Friday, June 29th - Vegan Dine-out!

       Instead of our traditional Summer Solstice potluck this year, you are invited to share a delicious organic meal in the Back Hall featuring homemade veggie burgers, savory summer potato salad, tasty desserts, and a refreshing beverage as part of 'Food for Thought'! This particular Sustainability Festival event takes place on Friday, June 29th, and is a joint offering of the Denman Island Veganiculture Association, and the Community Vegan Potluck Series. The dine-out precedes both a local guest speaker and a film just in from the UK, also addressing the topic of food and sustainability. Everyone is invited to drop by for these presentations, regardless of wherever they plan to dine for supper!

      'Food for Thought!' is not a veg dine-out taking place as a fundraiser (like others you may have enjoyed or heard about), but does require a reservation so we know how many folks to prepare food for. We're keeping the cost low at $5-$10 per person ( sliding scale) with all proceeds simply going towards covering expenses. Thanks for supporting this particular opportunity to recognize the inter-relationship between local and global food sustainability issues during the Festival, if you are so inclined! Dinner will start at 6:00 pm- a little later than the beef barbecue also happening on the same evening at the Senior's Hall ( a completely seperate, but related event).

      In concert with the Sustainability Festival's agricultural theme on June 29th, SPUDS potato co-op will have a small display in the Back Hall. 'Food for Thought!' diners and others are also sure to appreciate islander Rudy Friesen's brief presentation addressing the importance of what we eat, relative to concerns about food miles. Finally, 'Making the Connections' is a thirty minute documentary from Environmental Films that explores a few of the reasons for practising or transitioning towards dietary choices less dependent on animal-based agriculture- the leading cause of GHG emissions worldwide. The film also highlights the growing movement in stock-free growing as an important contribution to local and global food security.

Please take a look at the many links right here on this blog (column to your right) that address these important topics. Call 250-335-1209 to reserve your meal or for further information, and see you there- 6 pm (NOT the usual 6:30 pm time we normally dine at with the  regular potluck series!) Thanks for helping keep this event 'scent-free' for the comfort of those with chemical sensitivities.

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