Monday, September 17, 2012

next potluck Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

CANCELLED: The Community Vegan Potluck scheduled for Sunday, September 23rd.

Without the Grapevine operating in September for advertising outreach, we decided not to try and reschedule this event. Social media reaches only a small number of Denman islanders, so thankyou for informing anyone you know who was looking forward to the Community Vegan Fall Equiinox feast about this cancellation. 

Our public potluck series has always welcomed 'food lovers of every persuasion'. If you are a vegan, or you are a vegetarian or omnivore moving in that direction who appreciates the vegan message we're still here to offer you support and community outside of potluck gatherings!

 We know how hard it can be sometimes to find that support, especially in a rural community like our own where some folks remain extremely threatened by the prospects of an animal-free diet, or activism that seeks to move towards a world that thinks differently about our relationship to animals.

Plans are still in the works for a public vegan potluck Winter Solstice gathering that will once again promote reducing our ecological footprints, unnecessary harm to animals, and improving personal and community health by embracing a plant-based diet!  

Thankyou to everyone who cares and has expressed their support for the Denman Island Community Vegan Potluck Series by attending in the past! Please watch here for updates…we'll be gathering again before you know it for another awesome feast! 


An interesting note for those who will be eating low on the food chain already this coming weekend, or who could use additional inspiration: 

Portland Mayor Declares Vegan Awareness Weekend

Mayor Sam Adams has proclaimed September 22–23 Vegan Awareness Weekend in the City of Roses, encouraging residents to enjoy vegan fare.
In an official declaration, Portland, OR Mayor Sam Adamsproclaimed the weekend of September 22 to 23, 2012, to be Vegan Awareness Weekend in the City of Roses. The document cites scientific findings from the likes of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the UN Environmental Program, and the American Dietetic Association offering conclusive evidence on livestock’s contribution to climate change, a vegan diet's potential prevention of world hunger and fuel shortages, and the abundant health advantages associated with a plant-based lifestyle. In addition, the proclamation notes that delicious and nutritious vegan alternatives to animal products are readily available, and Adams says that he “encourage[s] all residents to observe this weekend by eating delicious vegan meals.”

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