Wednesday, September 10, 2014

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2014

Fall Equinox Potluck!

Our long running community vegan potluck series has altered course over the past year, but those on social media can follow our frequent foodie Facebook posts HERE and/or get in touch anytime about vegan get-togethers! We are hosting a public gathering in the Backhall once again on Saturday, September 20th, as part of the 2014 Sustainability Festival, and everyone is invited! For what to bring, please see details on the poster above. As mentioned in the Flagstone, this Fall Equinox event is also scheduled as a solidarity action with the hundreds of thousands of people who will be demonstrating in New York City (and around the world) to demand serious action on climate change from world leaders assembling there that week for the 2014 Climate Summit.

With apologies to those who were looking forward to the pre-advertised screening of "Mission Blue" -now available on Netflix- we are excited to be sharing instead, another documentary that also addresses water concerns (the theme of this year's festival) along with a host of other sustainability issues the potluck series has been dedicated to highlighting over the past 20 years. The importance of encouraging plant-based dietary choices, and a shift away from dependence upon animal agriculture rather than the prevalent farm animal-centric vision of life here on the west coast will only continue to grow as the global village shrinks and we are reminded by Mother Nature that island life is not itself sustainable in a vaccum. Scroll down the righthand side of this page (to below the apple!) for a list of links that highlight the importance of food choices vs. food miles.

Visit the trailer below for a sneak preview of "Cowspiracy", along with an indepth review by biologist George won't want to miss this film!

 HERE, please find Fireweed's recent article in the Island Word called "Water Wise", also related to Denman's 2014 Sustainability Festival theme.

And HERE, for Facebook users, find our activist/resource archive on topical coverage of the under-reported impacts of animal ag. Please refer to the 'About' section for membership info/group guidelines.

Hope to see you at the potluck!

 - Fireweed and Mike (potluck co-ordinators)


fw said...
Here is the missing link to the trailer for Cowspiracy which was intended to be imbedded in the above blog post but has disappeared suddenly! I should be able to fix the problem when I'm back on a computer...

Islander said...

Well, it appears that the video clip is only invisible on some devices. Good to know! Just copy and paste the url into your browser to access it on Youtube if your ipad or phone, is affected. :)